The universal remote control shows you continuously information like artist name or album cover in color. You have the user interface right infront of you. It was bulit to manage the music flow, create playlists, or set groups to use the multiroom function via the m:streamer. It supports RF and Infrared, which allows you additionally to manage a huge variety of  TVs, DVD-players, and other home enterainment devices.


Use your own way to listen to music with AMAS Home. Stored music, Spotify, or radio - you decide. The m:streamer allows you to experience songs in HD quality (24Bit/96kHz and 24Bit/192kHz). You can either use the m:remote or the m:app to control the music.
Listen To Your Favorite Music
Stream your own music, one out of thousands of radio stations, or your favorite music service. You can also connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music.
The m:app
Use optional an intuitive app to control the music flow and to manage sources. But don't worry: Closing the app does not stop the music.
Real Multiroom
Built up a network with several streamers and redistribute any input source to any other module or use the party mode.
The m:streamer
The streamer is small but powerful. It supports Wifi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB. Audio interfaces include Analog (IN/ OUT; S/PDIF) and digital (IN/OUT; S/PDIF).
Wireless speakers
The Blue Aura speakers have an integrated amplifer and a stylish black faux leather cover. There is no wired connection to the m:streamer needed.


Connect Your TV
Use AMAS Home as a soundbar alternative. Simply connect your TV with a digital or analog cable to the m:streamer and enjoy high quality sound. You can either use the Blue Aura speakers or your own stereo system.
Listen & Control
Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your evenings. Use the AMAS Home system to listen to your TV and control it with the m:remote. 

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