AMAS Home Kitchen provides you with the best sound in the kitchen. Listen to high-quality sound without seeing any speakers or the stereo system. The passive speakers fit perfectly above your kitchen cupboards. The m:streamer plus and the subwoofer are hidden behind your skirting board. Enjoy an invisible sound system!
m:streamer plus
The m:streamer plus includes all m:streamer and AMAS Home features and has additional an integrated amplifier with 2x50 Watt and 1x100 Watt power to support the subwoofer.
The 100 Watt subwoofer has two 142mm woofer and a frequency response from 20Hz to 120Hz. With a height of 90mm it fits under the base cabinet of any standardized kitchen.
Kitchen Speakers
The two Canton speakers (CD 150.2) are passive and have a elegant silver design. Each speaker has built in two 80mm woofer and one 15mm tweeter.

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