The story began when Erich Böhm founded PONTIS as a hardware and software company in 1988, short time after he graduated from the technical university in Munich (TUM). When Siemens developed a new type of memory technology, they cooperated with PONTIS in order to create an innovative device to store and play music using the new invented MP3 format. The stable prototype named MPlayer3 was released in 1995 and was, beside the MPMan created by SaeHan, the world’s first portable MP3 Player. The SP600, the last MP3 player that was sold by PONTIS, was rated best sounding player in many tests. At that time, though, it was hardly possible to purchase legal music using the MP3 format and as the storage was too expansive for the mass market, the project eventually was discontinued.

As music enthusiasts, people at PONTIS did not stop to dedicate their efforts to improve the music experience of consumers in a digital environment. Erich was convinced: “We have to bring the MP3 music into the living room” and thus, the idea of a music server was born. The music server MS 330, which was released in 2004, could hold ten thousand of songs and offered a local display and keys. But browsing through the database requires a suitable user interface, which was not available in any devices at that time. Since apps as known today did not exist yet, the obvious solution was a bidirectional remote control. This way, browsing would be much more comfortable and give the user full control.

With a shift in the business model the company Audivo was established in 2005 to focus on a streaming solution for Hifi companies. Finally, in 2010, the development of the m:remote was finished and since then is used by numerous customers of Audivo. In 2016, a new streaming solution, using a more powerful hardware platform, was introduced. The new platform allows the integration of a real multiroom and more music services.

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